Happy Holidays from Antique Alter Ego!

Happy Holidays!

Antique Alter Ego: Silver Power Sellers on eBay!

Antique Alter Ego Silver Power Sellers on eBay

Time to celebrate! We just made Silver Power Seller status on eBay!! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!

1970s Men’s Clothing Styles

1970s Vintage Men's Clothing

It’s fun looking back at clothing styles to see what was considered fashionable and what might be worth reviving. So, without further ado, here’s some eye candy for you, 1970′s style!                               These photos are from 1973  Hope you enjoyed!!!  :) Need some vintage clothing? :)

It’s our Anniversary!

Antique Alter Ego 14 years on eBay

Vintage Christmas Buffet

Christmas Buffet Antique Alter Ego

What could be more fun this holiday season, than to do your entertaining in vintage style? The buffet menu and recipes below are from 1963.  You can even re-create their Christmas tree decorations to give a charming, vintage touch to your table! Remember:  Serve food responsibly….use vintage dishes!! These recipes are from….

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