The Re-Birth of Antiques

In the 1990’s, eBay transformed the antiques business in a big way.  It brought the little “mom and pop” shops to the global market and turned local peddlers into international dealers. It was an exciting opportunity to try to capture a much larger market than was ever before possible. As eBay’s popularity blossomed, with thousands of people offering their wares, it also showed buyers that items once thought rare, were really quite plentiful. A major adjustment followed, lowering the values of antiques, due to a global market, instead of many regional ones.

The internet also flooded the market with reproductions and with them, came a change in attitude.  It was no longer important to have grandma’s item, just an item that looked like it.

After a few years, antiques seemed to become passe and fewer people seemed to cared about the hobby of collecting. Antiques looked bleak as the share of its limited market seemed to shrink.

Just when we thought the heyday of antiques might be over, the market changed and renewed itself. But, it was not the same as before.  It came back in a new and better form.

People are not necessarily collecting antiques, but they are living with them and using them.  In some cases, they are embracing their childhoods, living yet again, with the items that brought warmth and laughter.  In other cases, they are discovering for the first time the advantages of antique furniture made with real wood or the durability and smart design of Mid-Century style.

In a time when everyone is trying to find ways of being “earth friendly”, antiques fit right into the theme. Re-using and re-purposing what is already here makes perfect sense. What better way to make a statement about your lifestyle than to enjoy eclectic pieces, hand picked yourself. There is a satisfying feeling that comes from creating one’s own style and antiques offer a venue of limitless styles.

So, the new antique market is not as much about values and collecting.  It is more about reusing and re-purposing.  It is about being earth friendly and going green.   It is more inclusive, as consumers of all ages are interested in quality and making their dollars stretch.

Before, we were the archivists of the past.  Now, we have a new way of fitting into the bigger picture.  We offer vintage, quality made, long lasting, unique items for home decorating.  We are keeping items out of landfills.  We are helping people save money.   We are a great way to go green.

1950's Chair

Pattern Glass Dish

Grouping of goblets, used as candle holders

Star-burst clock



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