The Biggest Secret All Vintage Dealers Know

Have you ever found something you had as a kid?

Did you get an instant rush of memories?

Did it take you back to a specific place in time?

Did it put a smile on your face?

Did you have to pick it up?

Did you have to tell someone about it?

As you are reading this, you are probably thinking of a specific item you had and you are smiling and nodding your head.

Items you remember from childhood, trigger those warm, fuzzy feelings and take you to a  place filled with warmth, comfort, and family.

That warm, happy feeling is called nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a major motivator in buying.

The first lesson every dealer learns is to find what items are going to trigger an emotional response.

An emotional response triggers an emotional attachment, which is the first step toward buying!

Think about what items from your past trigger a happy emotion in you.  If you feel that way, do you think others may too?

Check back next week for another tip from me on how to turn your passion into profit!


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