Start Slowly and Build

It seems like common sense, but it is surprising how many people don’t look before they jump.

The excitement of a new idea and the possibilities it may bring, can be very intoxicating and it is hard to contain that.  However, once you have your idea, set with it for a while, get cozy and watch for signs of a good fit.

Having your own business is very much like being in a relationship.

The planning and start-up is like the honeymoon phase; all giggly and starry-eyed.  After that, it’s just a lot of hard work with the same person, day after day.

If you have found a good fit, you look forward to each day.  If you have jumped before looking, well…you know the story.

By starting slowly, you can:

  • Get comfortable with what you are doing
  • Give yourself time to build skills
  • See what is working and build on that
  • See what isn’t working and change it
  • Gain experience to know what the next step should be
  • Learn from your mistakes

The best part about working for yourself is working at your own speed, so baby steps are fine.

Start getting cozy with your brainchild and stop back next week for more tips!

Learning to share is part of growing…


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