Discipline: I Will Write 100 Times…

It’s probably not done anymore, but when I was in school, if you misbehaved, you had to write your corrective behavior 100 times and hand it in to the teacher by the next day.

It was discipline.

The idea was that the repetitive writing would reinforce the behavior that was expected.  Writing 100 times, in your best penmanship,  “I will not talk while the teacher is talking.”  does, in fact, kind of remind you to shut up and listen.

Why not take that time honored discipline and make it into a positive reinforcement practice for your business?

My last post was about being “naughty” and slacking.  I have not been very consistent in my posts lately and it got me thinking about discipline and how it applies to business.

We have repeatedly found, over our 26 years in business, that if we don’t have a goal, we tend to coast.  Sometimes that coasting is needed.  It gives a person a little time to regenerate and get excited about things again.  However, if you let it go on for long periods of time, your customers will think you don’t care….and if you don’t care, why should they?

When you think of your business, what is your ultimate goal?   This is the big goal…the one you dream about.

Take this goal and, in your best penmanship, write it 100 times.   If it is a goal worth of reaching, why not invest some time into positively reinforcing that desired behavior or outcome?

As you are writing, you will probably start coming up with a few new ideas on how to reach your ultimate goal.  Be sure to write those down, too!  They are your stepping stones that will help you obtain your goal.

Now, get to work.  😉


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