SMART Goals: Crafting Reachable Goals


Everyone has them, but do you really know how to craft a goal that will help you get where you want to go?

Nothing will stop you faster than a vague goal that you’ll accomplish sometime.

Whether it’s a business goal or a personal goal, there are some basic steps in making it meaningful.

SMART goals will help you get there:

S=Specific:  Be straight forward.  Emphasize what needs to be done.

M= Measurable:  Establish concrete criteria for measuring success.

A= Attainable:  Stretch enough to inspire yourself into action.

R= Realistic:  Doable, but not necessarily “easy”.   Acquire necessary skills or resources to help you along.

T= Timely:  Specify a clear target date to work toward.  Plan your steps along the way.

That’s how you make a SMART goal!

Next week we will look at the goal setting formula, then you’ll be ready to start the hard work of fulfilling your goals!


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