How to do Bargaining at Flea Markets

Everyone wants to find a great deal, but sometimes you have to work a little to make a great deal.

Here are some bargaining tips for the next time you’re out hunting treasures:

  • Be a serious buyer:  Only ask for deals on items you actually want to buy.
  • Offer a fair price:  Offering a price that’s about 20% off, is a reasonable request.  Don’t offer 50% of the price.  It just makes dealers mad and then they won’t work with you.
  • Be ready to accept the deal:  Have a price in mind that you’re willing to pay.  When the price drops to around where you want it, take the deal.  Otherwise, you are wasting their time and yours.
  • Group items to get a better deal:  If you see a few things you want, group them together, then ask for a deal.  Chances are you’ll get a better deal on a grouping, than on each individual item.
  • Don’t act too excited:   Dealers are good at reading body language, so it never hurts to practice your poker face!
  • Be willing to walk away:  Sometimes, you’re just not going to meet in the middle.  It’s ok to say no and walk away.  Dealers test the limits of the market and you are helping them set parameters.
  • Thank them for working with you to make a deal:  A little positive reinforcement goes a long way!  Establishing rapport with dealers is beneficial, because they will work hard to find the items you want!

The more you practice, the better you’ll get and that’s half the fun!

Sometimes you’ll even find “steals”.  An item priced so low, it’s ridiculous.  Snap it up and be happy to pay the price.  Asking for money off from that would just be mean.

Happy Hunting!


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