Tools of the Vintage Trade

Every trade has it’s tools and the vintage trade is no exception.

Before you venture out on a shopping spree, be sure you are equipped with the tools that will help you make good buying decisions.

The  “Trusty Trio” for vintage hunters, is:

  1. Magnifying Glass
  2. Flash Light
  3. Tape Measure  
If it helps you to remember, just think …MFT….Mighty Fine Treasures!
Of course, there are other things you should have in your vehicle, like:
  • Tubs or boxes:  To hold small things…don’t want them rolling around and breaking!
  • Towels or newspaper:  To give extra protection during transport.
  • Bungee cords:  For fastening big things in your trunk.
  • Blanket:  For nap time…lol…or for protecting furniture during transport.
  • Red flag:  To tie to the end of long things sticking out of your trunk.
  • Water:  To stay hydrated and for washing your hands.  Foraging is a dirty business.
  • Chocolate:  Don’t need a reason for this!!
  • Reference guides:  For identification.  (Old school.)  If you have a Smartphone, I’m sure there’s an app for that!
If you have all this stuff, you are ready to do some serious power shopping.
Get out there and do your thing!!

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