How to Take 5 Steps Out of a Business Rut

Do you feel like you are:

  • stuck in a rut?
  • a bump on a log?
  • a stick in the mud?
  • out of your mind with boredom?


Often, the day in and day out operation of your business, can get to be a drag.  Especially,  if you are the jack-of-all-trades, the daily grind of keeping things going, just seems to take over.

Not only is this hard on you, it’s also hard on your business.

Business is like the wind; constantly shifting.  If you are buried in daily operations, like a stick in the mud, you are going to miss the nuances that travel in the “wind”.

Here are 5 steps to perk you up and set you back on track:

    1. Schedule a day away from your business.  Yes, this is a day off!!
    2. Set at least 2 hours a week for planning and reviewing.  Make sure you’re staying on track.  It also gives you a break from the grind.
    3. Listen to your customers.  They can give you clues to how your business is perceived and ideas for refreshing your business.
    4. Remember your strengths.  Are you using them, or are you too busy doing everything else?   What changes are feasible to help you emphasize your strengths?
    5. Think about why you went into business in the first place.   What part of it really energizes you?  How can you do more of that?

One of the biggest reasons people go into business for themselves, is to do what excites them.  They can work with their strengths and talents and be energized from the passion they feel.

Once you renew that feeling, you’ll jump out of that rut and be on your way!


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