5 Quick Tips for Vintage Shopping

Here are 5 quick tips to help you, when you are out vintage shopping:

  1. Bring your Smartphone.  If you are unsure of a price, use your smartphone to look it up online.
  2. Take a photo.  Maybe you’ve found something that you know someone else is looking for.  Send them a photo.  When they ask the price, you may decide to tack on a couple bucks as a finder’s fee!
  3. Never walk away from something that catches your eye.  There is a reason it stopped you.  You like it!  Don’t talk yourself out of it. 
  4. Stop to think about the potential of the item.  Sometimes you really like an item, but can’t think of how you’ll use it.   If you take a few minutes to explore the possibilities, you may come up with really great ideas!
  5. Hold onto the item until you decide.  The fastest way to ruin your shopping experience, is to leave an item you’re going to “think about” and find that it’s gone when you return.  If it caught your attention, it will certainly catch the attention of others, too.

Happy Hunting!


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