5 Ways To Tell if Something is Truely Vintage

Shopping for vintage items can get a little tricky.

When a certain style or period gets popular, items belonging to it are often reproduced.

Here are a few tips to help you be a knowledgeable vintage buyer:

  • Look at the entire piece.   Does it have wear marks that would correlate to normal use?
  • Look for duplicates of the same piece.  If you notice more than one, of what should be a hard to find item, it’s probably being reproduced.
  • Look for intact stickers or marks.  Is it an old company you recognize?  Are they now out of business?
  • If it’s marked “Made in Japan”.  That would likely indicate it was made during the mid century.
  • Look around in stores that sell new home furnishings.   You’ll quickly see what’s being made new, to look like the old stuff.   Best education ever!

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