How To Take the First Step in Getting Your Projects Done

Sometimes it’s just hard to get going on a project.

We all make lists, simplify and prioritize, but what really is our first step to getting a project underway? 

  • Start with your end result and work backwards until you find the very first step that will get you started.

Here’s an example from my “To-Do” list:

  • Put up more shelving in the warehouse:  I already have the shelving, so I just need a spot.
  • Pick a spot for the shelving:  I have found a spot that makes sense and has easy access, but there is loose inventory setting there.
  • Clear a spot for the shelving:  I will have to move the loose inventory to another place, but that will just cause another mess, so…
  • Put inventory in boxes.  If I put the inventory in boxes, I can neatly stack them until I can process them at a later date, but I have no boxes.
  • Get boxes.  Here’s my first step!  It seems unrelated, but without this important first step, I can’t go any further.

Knowing that all-important first step will rocket you toward your goals!  (or at least get you started)  🙂


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