How to Buy Antique and Vintage Items for Half the Price

Do you…

  • Love decorating with vintage items?
  •  Love shopping for antiques?
  •  Want to build your collection?
  •  Want to save money?

Read on….

We found out a long time ago that the secret to building a collection of antiques and vintage goodies is to also buy stuff you don’t want.

That’s right!

Sounds kind of crazy, but here’s how it works…

Let’s say you found this really cool lamp for $20.00

Mid Century Ceramic Lamp

While you were shopping, you also found this vintage child’s rocker for only $10.00

Vintage Child's Rocker

So, you buy both, spending a total of $30.00.

You’re not into children’s furniture, but you have a friend who displays teddy bears in children’s rockers and you know they would go nuts over this and be very happy to pay you $20.00 for it.


Your clever maneuver just dropped the price of your cool lamp to only $10.00!

…and that’s how you do it!!

….in fact, that’s how we got started in the business, 26 years ago!


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