About 500 Vintage Christmas Cookie Recipes

It’s time to bake Christmas Cookies!!

Here are a bunch of Vintage Christmas Cookie Recipes.

I have gathered previous cookie recipe posts and brought them together for your convenience.  There are even some bars and breads.

Hope you have fun trying out the recipes!

Just click on the links to go to the full posts.

112 Vintage Christmas Recipes: Breads, Cakes, Desserts, Cookies, Candies, Punches from 1958

Vintage Recipes: Holiday Cookies, Candies, Breads, Desserts and the Dreaded Fruitcake!

Vintage Recipes: Quick Cookies for a Crowd and World Wide Cookies from 1962

Vintage Recipes: Bars and Cookies from 1962

Cookies Galore! 36 Vintage Cookie Recipes

Vintage Recipes: 96 Cookie Recipes from 1940

58 Vintage Cookie Recipes from 1958!

Vintage Christmas Cookie Recipes!

REMEMBER:  Serve food responsibly….use vintage dishes!!!

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