One thought on “Vintage House Plans 2236

  1. This is one of my favorites, aesthetically that is, of this particular set. Problem is, the layout is not all that logical. As it is, one would be delivering food across the entry hall to get it to hungry diners in the dining room. That’s a long way to go, particularly if the food is really hot, really cold, or difficult to carry. Also, if that entry is tiled, and something greasy is dropped on it, that would be a fall hazard. I would use the existing dining space as a lounge or library. I would use the family room space for dining. That way, diners could take advantage of the view of the fountain and porch as they eat, and they could enjoy their meals in a much more commodious space, with the fireplace as an inviting backdrop. Also, given its size, this house could use more bathroom facilities-at least another half bath. I would also move the laundry equipment into the storage and linen area to better utilize that space. In the existing laundry space, I would put a half bath.

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