Vintage Black & Gold Murano Bowl

Murano glass, Antique Alter Ego

Click the photo to see this on eBay!

This bowl really captures attention!!  It is a beautiful example of a Fratelli Toso Murano bowl.  This heavy chuck of glass has a mid century modern form and gorgeous gold fleck spots all over!  I personally like pieces like these for the coffee table, which makes them the center of attention.

Care of Murano Glass:  Just a damp cloth to wipe off dust and fingerprints is all this beauty needs!

A Little History:  Murano, an island, a short distance from Venice, Italy, and was a commercial port since the 7th century.  The glass makers of Murano became prominent citizens, highly respected for their craftsmanship.  The only downside was that glass making secrets were highly guarded and any glass makers were not allowed to leave the island.  In fact, leaking any of their secrets was punishable by death.




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