Always Buy The Extra Glass

Vintage Scandinavian Design Wine Glasses

                                             When you’re shopping at thrift stores or second hand shops, undoubtedly, you’ll find the odd numbered set of glasses. It can be a bit frustrating, but if you look at it a different way, it’s a gold mine. The reason you’re finding a set of 5 wine glasses is because … Continue reading

How to Buy Antique and Vintage Items for Half the Price

Mid Century items

Do you… Love decorating with vintage items?  Love shopping for antiques?  Want to build your collection?  Want to save money? Read on…. We found out a long time ago that the secret to building a collection of antiques and vintage goodies is to also buy stuff you don’t want. That’s right! Sounds kind of crazy, … Continue reading

How to Spend Money in the Face of Adversity


It is almost counter-intuitive, but even when the economy slows down, you still have to spend money to make money. Like many businesses, the antique and vintage business is totally dependent upon disposable income. When the economy gets tough and people start watching their spending, sales drop off. When that happens, it’s very tempting to … Continue reading

How To Take the First Step in Getting Your Projects Done

First Step

Sometimes it’s just hard to get going on a project. We all make lists, simplify and prioritize, but what really is our first step to getting a project underway?  Start with your end result and work backwards until you find the very first step that will get you started. Here’s an example from my “To-Do” … Continue reading

5 Ways To Tell if Something is Truely Vintage

Mid Century items

Shopping for vintage items can get a little tricky. When a certain style or period gets popular, items belonging to it are often reproduced. Here are a few tips to help you be a knowledgeable vintage buyer: Look at the entire piece.   Does it have wear marks that would correlate to normal use? Look for … Continue reading

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