Decorating with Vintage

Vintage Milk Glass

If the words “decorating with antiques and collectibles” makes you think of  paintings of people in strange clothing, outdated gadgets, uncomfortable furniture, or maybe action figures, kid’s meal toys and Beanie Babies, you probably feel there is no way you are going to decorate with that stuff.

I have good news for you.  There is a whole world of Mid-Century collectibles out there that are modern, usable and built to last.  Most people are very familiar with Mid-Century items and are in fact, good at identifying them.  It’s the stuff we grew up with!!   It roughly includes the Post-War era through the very early 70s, but if you think back to your childhood and the stuff you saw in your home and in stores, then you know what Mid-Century is all about.  If you are a bit younger than that, then think about the stuff your parents hang on to, from their childhood.

1950's Chair

Furniture of the time period had clean lines, bright colors and interesting patterns.

  • Companies made this furniture to last and used real wood in it’s construction.  You will usually find very little structurally wrong, and just a little paint or new material with make it fit in with what you already have.
  • Materials were bright and bold.  Don’t be afraid of color!  Furniture made a statement with the use of color, pattern and texture.  If you need or want to reupholster a piece, this style is popular enough that you will be able to find new material that represents the cheerful, playfulness of the time period.

Accessories reflected the same clean lines and bright colors.

  • Plastics were popular and could be produced in a wondrous array of colors.  (I’ve even found trivets made of plastic…not sure how well they worked, but they make a great conversation piece.)
  • Accents were whimsical, yet functional.  Again, it was all about color and adding something bright and cheerful to your home.
Mid Century Ceramic Lamp

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