Vintage House Plans, Mid Century House Plans

Vintage House Plans: Economy & Luxury, L Shaped, Paneled Foyer, 2 Dining Areas

More vintage house plans! Vintage house plan books give an insight into the style of mid century houses and for anyone who is looking to build a house in the mid century style or to renovate an updated mid century house back to its original state, these books are invaluable. These houses are stretching into…


Vintage Chocolate Fondue Recipes

Vintage 1969 Fondue Party: Say Cheese!

Got a Fondue pot? Got some cheese? It’s Fondue party time!! These vintage cheese Fondue recipes are from 1969!   Try them tonight! REMEMBER:  Serve food responsibly….use vintage dishes! (Click on the image to enlarge it)                              These recipes are from 1969    You may also like: 🙂  🙂  Need a fondue…