Vintage Recipes 1964 Salads and Dressings

Vintage Recipes: 1964 Salads and Dressings

Found another vintage cookbook with fantastic recipes to share! These are from “Favorite Recipes From America’s Dairyland” 1964 Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. Hope you find some you’ll enjoy! Remember:  Serve food responsibly….use vintage dishes!! You may also like these posts:  

Vintage Recipes, 1950s Salads

Vintage Recipes: 1950s Salads

The following recipes are from A Picture Treasury of Good Cooking, 1953.  All of the recipes look so good, I want to share them all!! Hope you find something new to try! REMEMBER:  Serve food responsibly….use vintage dishes!!! You may also like these recipes: 🙂

Vintage Recipes, Molded Salads

Vintage Vegetable Recipes: Molded Salads

Have you heard tales about molded salads?  They were all the rage in the mid century and some of them even look pretty good! Here are some molded salad recipes from 1958.  A great addition to a retro themed party! Hope you have fun trying out the recipes! These recipes are from Good Housekeeping’s Book…